Highlights from Rocket City Lit Fest 2015 #rclf15

Meda White

The First Annual Rocket City Lit Fest in Rocket City (Huntsville) was a fun time. The event was extremely well organized, and there were several big named authors in attendance, as well as a multitude of genres.

I shared a signing table with my Southern Magic cohorts Nancee Cain (Paranormal Romance) and Ingrid Seymour (New Adult Romance and Young Adult SciFi/Fantasy).

2015-10-11 10.12.16

While there, I also bumped into other chapter mates, including Katherine Bone (Historical and Contemporary Romance) and Larynn Ford (Paranormal and Contemporary Romance).

kathy n larynn rclf 15 There were lots of attractions for kids and adults, including the North Alabama Cosplayers. Before you feel silly not knowing what this is, I’ll admit that I figured it out while I was there. With lots of adults walking around in costumes, the light bulb went off. Eureka! Cos (as in costumes), Play (as in playing dress up). This is thrilling for those adults among us (like me) who look forward to Halloween each year, so we can dress up in character. As a Cosplayer, there are lots on events to choose from.

There was another entertaining attraction, and I wish I had taken photos because the balloon guy was awesome. He made all sorts of hats and headdresses out of balloons. My favorite was the Viking. So wish I had pictures. Next time.

I heard next years #RCLF will most likely be held in September, so keep your eyes open. It’s fun for the whole family.


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