Ready to come Home? Home With My Heart is here at last. #ContemporaryRomance #1980s

Meda White

Home With My Heart CoverHome With My Heart

A Southland Romance- The Prequel

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The year is 1984. The hair is big and the stakes are bigger.

Dixie Johnson has three daughters, two jobs, and one bookie who won’t let her rest until her deceased husband’s debts are paid.

Widower Dan Baker has a vision for expanding his business, but with three sons, too little time, and a one-night-stand with the woman he intends to hire, it may never happen.

Dan quickly realizes Dixie is essential to more than his bottom line and life takes them on a journey that can only lead to one place. Home.

This contemporary romance contains Southern Gothic elements. Home With My Heart is the prequel to Play With My Heart and tells the love story that made the Southland series possible.

Before Liz, Danny, Maddie, and Johnny can have their grown-up happily ever afters, one thing had to happen: Big Daddy (Big Dan) and Mama D (Dixie) had to get it together.

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