“This Southern charmer is a fun, steamy and suspenseful read. There is a bit of mystery around every corner and the amusing southern dialogue is entertaining. The story is done true to its time of 1984 and done well.” ~ InD’tale Magazine Reviewer Viola Robbins on Home With My Heart

Home With My Heart Home With My Heart Cover

A Southland Romance: The Prequel

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Read the love story that made the Southland series possible.

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Fool With My Heart

A Southland Romance: Book 4

Kindle | iBooks | Nook | Paperback

When trouble hits hard, the only way to survive is to fight for love.

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RWMH barnesnoble-koboRide With My Heart

A Southland Romance: Book 3

Kindle | iBooks | Nook | Paperback

Former rodeo partners reconnect to explore hidden desires…

But old wounds may cut too deep.

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Dance With My Heart

A Southland Romance: Book 2

Kindle | iBooks | Nook | Paperback

A Southern gentleman and former Navy SEAL, who works security for L.A.’s elite, has strong opinions about the roles of women. Can a former SWAT member scarred by her past change his mind?

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From Soul Mate Publishing

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Play With My Heart

A Southland Romance: Book 1


Southern musician Liz Baker enjoys her quiet life out of the spotlight.

British television star Ian Clarke dreams of greater fame and success on the big screen.

Dreams can change.

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