Fool With My Heart_Meda White

Fool With My Heart

A Southland Romance Book 4

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If Lacy Goodwin can land the job of housekeeper at the Southland ranch in rural Georgia, she can start fresh, where no one knows how weak she is. She never expects the Bakers to treat her like part of the family, or to have feelings for Johnny, who could crush her with one blow.

Johnny Baker finally has the career of his dreams. Being the groundskeeper at Southland frees him to work outdoors, farm his timberland, and take care of his son. It also puts him in close contact with Lacy, who makes it clear his advances are unwelcome. He’s done with women anyway. No one could ever love a fool like him.

In trying to protect Lacy and his son, Johnny inadvertently puts them all in an uncomfortable situation. When real trouble hits hard, they learn the only way to survive is to fight for love.



Lacy supervised as Johnny replaced Bessie’s battery, then spark plugs. She’d seen it done before, and he seemed to know what he was doing. Mainly, she watched him. Not only was he tall, he was brawny with broad shoulders and a thick chest. The skin on his arms showed off how much time he spent in the sun. She could get pretty tanned in the summer if she ever had the time to actually lay out and do nothing.

Dragging her eyes away from the flesh on his low back where his T-shirt had ridden up and his jeans hung low, she stopped staring.

“How much did all this stuff cost?” She held her breath, dreading the answer.

“Not much. I do a lot of business with them to keep my ‘84 Chevy pickup running, so they give me a discount.” His deep voice echoed from under the hood.

“I can pay you back.” If you’ll accept a post-dated check. She grimaced.

“Let’s worry about that later. This may all be for naught. Turn her over and see what happens.”

Print ISBN-13: 978-1-941287-12-5

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