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Dance With My Heart

A Southland Romance: Book 2 

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Traumatized by her past, former police officer Jane Dillon gets a new start in Los Angeles as a bodyguard. If she weren’t so good at saving people, she might seek a new career. At least when she moonlights as a dance teacher, no one shoots at her. One impossible-to-please macho boss, one hunk of manly hot action hero, and one oversized Southern family set her on a course she never saw coming.

Former Navy SEAL, Danny Baker, has a lot to deal with between his dad’s health, his sister’s public breakup, and figuring out how to get rid of a female employee without getting a sexual discrimination suit filed against him. He’s always believed it to be his duty to protect women and children, but seeing the beautiful and lethal Jane in action turns his worldview upside down. He’d almost rather go back to the jungle, except the dance floors of L.A. and the woods of Georgia are providing plenty of excitement.

If they can overcome their differences, Danny's family, and Jane's past, they might find that they make the perfect team.


Jane was in the garage, bending over and touching her toes when the door opened behind her.

“Going somewhere?” Danny stood there, shirtless.

Jane stood up abruptly and swallowed, trying to focus on his eyes, not his impeccably chiseled pecs with the perfect amount of hair dusting them. “I’ve been restricted to indoor running the last few days and need the fresh air.”

“Give me five minutes and I’ll join you. I need to talk to you about an assignment.”

“All right, try not to wake the baby.” She smiled.

He held her gaze for a moment, then turned to go get dressed.

“Both of the babies are still sleeping,” Danny said when he rejoined her.

Trying very hard not to be disappointed seeing him wearing a shirt, she opened the exterior door. Bodies like his shouldn’t be covered up.

As they started down the street, she could feel Danny’s eyes on her.

“What got you?” He gestured to her thigh.

“Shrapnel. What about this assignment?” A change of subject might keep her from having to answer questions about the white scars on the right side of her body from neck to thigh. When she’d dressed in running shorts and singlet, she hadn’t expected anyone to see her up close.

“I want you to guard Liz at my beach house in Georgia. She’s building her own house next door, but it’s not ready yet, and she sold her condo already. I don’t want her to be alone because of the pregnancy, and I want her protected from prying eyes, freeloaders, and reporters.”

Jane didn’t say anything. Not surprised he would stick her with another babysitting job, she tried to think of the positives. It was unlikely she’d get shot, unless it was with a camera. She’d never been to Georgia, and a house on the beach sounded like a good place to start.

eBook ISBN-13: 978-1-941287-09-5

Print ISBN-13: 978-1-941287-08-8