Winter Formal

A Southern College Novella

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Life is going according to plan for Sibba Douglas until she gets blackmailed. Her future dream of being a doctor is threatened unless she can help a spoiled fraternity boy do well on the MCAT.

Nash Lincoln knows he needs to settle down and focus on his studies, but academics have taken a back seat to social events and he’s coasting by on little sleep and lots of pills. The distraction of a tutor he’s admired from afar isn’t helping matters.

Substance abuse leads to tragedy and draws Sibba and Nash closer together. But it may also be the thing that tears them apart.


Sibba leaned in and sniffed Nash. It wasn’t on his shirt, so she stood on her toes and smelled his hair. “You’ve been smoking weed. You better not have stolen my last joint from Jack the Jack-O-Lantern.”

He laughed and put his hands up. “Wasn’t me. You can talk to your roomie about sharing your things with me.”

Sibba wanted to admit it wasn’t technically hers anymore, but she overflowed with righteous indignation. “I can’t believe you’d come to study on something. Haven’t you ever heard of state-dependent learning?”

Good. She wasn’t thinking about him naked. Oh, damn.

He ran his hand through his hair and sighed before he plopped down in the chair. “No, I haven’t. Let the lecture commence.” He leaned back and propped his feet on the table.

Instead of letting him upset her further, she let her steam run out in a long exhale as she stuffed her books into her bag. She slung it over her shoulder. “If Dr. Ferguson tries to get me in trouble or withhold my letter of recommendation, I’ll tell him you use.” She hated being a tattletale, but she had to cover her ass and do a better job at it than she had of covering his the night before. Dammit.

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Print ISBN-13: 978-1-941287-04-0