Spring Fling

A Southern College Novella

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Kellyn Crenshaw wants to make it to college graduation without becoming another notch on the belt of a fraternity boy. A boy exactly like Pace Samson. Forced into close proximity because their roommates are dating, Kellyn sets out to prove she’s resistant to his charms.

Pace never figured himself for a one woman man until he spends time with Kellyn. She’s different, and he can’t get her out of his mind. She’s also aware of his reputation, and it may keep him from the one girl who makes him want to change his ways.

When Pace and Kellyn fake a fling on Spring Break to help their friends, Kellyn may discover she isn’t immune to Pace after all. They’ll each have to decide if what’s between them is just a fling or if there’s a chance their feelings are real.


Pace couldn’t remember the last time he’d been nervous about a date.  At her house, he took a deep breath before he knocked.

Kellyn opened the door and stood ready in jeans that hugged every curve below the waist, a loose green sequined tank top, and deliciously tall heels. His mouth went dry as she turned from the door to grab her purse. He tried to think of one of his usual lewd comments.

“Damn, girl, how did you get in those jeans?”

She turned to put a hand on her hip and tilted her head, narrowing her eyes at him. “You’re asking the wrong question. You should be asking how to get me out of them. I hope those muscles of yours aren’t just for looks because I’ll definitely need your help.”

In an instant, she put him at ease, and his expression changed from a sardonic grin into a genuine smile. “You look…” hot, good enough to eat, all of the above. He wanted to pay her a real compliment, so he filled in the blank with “beautiful.”

eBook ISBN-13: 978-1-941287-01-9

Print ISBN-13: 978-1-941287-00-2