Leaping Leprechauns

Meda White

I’m continuing my love of all things Irish which began earlier this month on Romance Magicians. My research led to more and more wonderful and interesting legends. As a storyteller, I love to hear stories, as well as invent them.
Leprechauns are said to be small fairy like creatures. Some say they are half-breeds, part fairy and part demon, but they aren’t necessarily good or evil. They are child sized but often depicted as aged men with beards who wear green suits and hats. The old legends say some wear red.
Leprechauns keep their gold in pots and rumor has it, if you follow a rainbow to its end, you’ll find it there. Some say the gold was left in Ireland by Viking marauders but others say it is payment for their work. Their trade is shoe-making and business is good because fairies are known to enjoy dancing so much that they wear their shoes out quickly.  
There are many cautionary tales about messing with a Leprechaun and his gold. They have magic. If you capture one of them, they can grant you three wishes in return for their release but be careful what you wish for. Just like we have learned from many genie in a bottle stories, wishes can have unforeseen consequences.
Leprechauns are known to be smart and mischievous. Some might even say devious, especially if you try to steal their gold. They enjoy playing mind games and trying to trick and fool humans. They are practical jokers.
They may make shoes by day, but at night, they party. They gather their instruments and play, sing, and dance. Their musical talents provide job security. The more the fairies dance, the more they will need the services of the leprechauns. Can you see how smart and devious they are?
If you ever find yourself looking for the end of the rainbow, be quiet. Sneaking up on a leprechaun is the best way to catch one. If they hear you coming, they’ll take their pot of gold and disappear. Get advice on how to catch a leprechaun here


If you ever managed to catch a leprechaun, what would you wish for?


    1. That is a cool twist. Thanks Charlotte. If ever catch one, I’ll feed them strawberries and make a wish for a cure for cancer. I’m sure the oncologists will be ticked but I’ll blame it on the Leprechauns.

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