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Playing Dress Up – MEDA WHITE
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Playing Dress Up

Meda White

One of my favorite events at the RWA National Convention was the Masked Southern Gothic Soiree hosted by the Georgia Romance Writers. I wasn’t sure how dressed up everyone was going to get so I went with basic black—always good when the words “Gothic” and “Soiree” are mentioned.

Once there, people were dressed in everything from their casual business attire to full on costumes. There was a pirate, a winch, and a glittering fortune teller, to name a few. The partygoers in costume seemed to have much more fun than the rest of us. Maybe there’s something to be said for getting into costume and character.

I look forward to Halloween every year because I’m still a kid at heart. I love to put on a costume (and eat chocolate until I’m sick). I don’t think it’s something I’ll ever outgrow. At least, I hope I don’t. A lot of planning goes into it but it’s so much fun in the end.

I recently wrote a character in my new adult novella who went to a costume party as Priscilla Presley because her date wanted to be Elvis. She agreed because the mini dress and go-go boots were easy and she didn’t have to do much to her hair. She hated it and especially hated that her date impersonated Elvis all evening. She left the party with the bad boy hero of the story who was dressed as none other than Johnny Zuko.
Here’s an excerpt from Spring Fling:


Vic guided her inside the house with his hand on her low back. She needed a drink before the Elvis impersonating drove her over the edge. The porch was crowded with guests dressed in hot costumes enjoying the cool October night air. Inside the house, they found the skimpy costume wearers who were trying to stay warm.
Kellyn spotted Lindsay dressed as vixen Sandy from Grease and near her, by the keg, Pace was dressed as Johnny Zuko and he was smokin’ hot. She made a beeline for the beverage center.

“Can I get you a drink, Miss Presley?” Pace asked.

“Yeah, Johnny, I need it bad. The King is—“

“Right behind you,” he interrupted.

“You look so good as Elvis,” Lindsay/Sandy said. “We need our picture taken together.” She put her arm around Vic and gave Kellyn her phone.

Kellyn barely aimed before she snapped the photo and handed it back to her. She didn’t remember vixen Sandy having so much cleavage.

“Careful, Priscilla. I see your claws coming out.” Pace/Johnny handed her a red solo cup of beer. “I suppose it would be hard to be the wife of the King and see the ladies wanting him all the time.” He winked.

She smiled at Paces’ words but cringed as she watched Vic do a song and dance number, which actually garnered a lot of female attention.

“You’re making that funny face I like so much.” His lips were close to her ear and her pilot light flared.

She turned to face him and leaned against the wall. “What would happen if Priscilla and Johnny had an affair?”

His grin made her sweat. It could have been the polyester but she knew better. He caused the kind of slow burn that drove her wild.


“You mean here, at the party?” He sipped from his cup. “Or later?”


Do you like to dress up? If so, what’s your favorite character or costume?

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