10 Stocking Stuffers for the Southerner on Your List

Meda White
Fill Her Up!
I’m posting early this week to give everyone a few last minute shopping ideas
for Stocking Stuffers for your favorite Southerners.
1. Citrus Fruit
‘Cause it fits nicely in the toe of the stocking- Available on a tree down South
2. Handful of Pecans
‘Cause it rounds out the heel of the stocking- Available on the ground, under a tree, down South
3. Candy Cane
‘Cause it hangs nicely from the top cuff and is yummy- Available wherever candy is sold
 4. Ammo
‘Cause how else we gonna get supper?- Available wherever guns are sold
5. Pocket Knife
‘Cause you never know when you’ll need it- Available wherever weapons are sold
6. Duct Tape Assortment
‘Cause you can fix anything with it- Available at Target
7. Gift Card to Bass Pro Shops
Just ’cause- Available at Bass Pro Shops
8. Camo Socks
‘Cause you need warm feet that are hard for others to see- Available at Absolute Socks
9. Orange Stocking Cap
‘Cause you need your favorite hunter alive and warm- Available at Bass Pro Shops
10. Two Tickets to the BCS National Championship Game
‘Cause you know an SEC team is gonna be there- Possibly Available on Ebay
Any others you can add to this list? Leave a comment and let me know.
Merry Christmas from Down South!

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