Spring Flowers

I recently researched flowers because the hero in my WIP wanted to give them to the heroine…but, they had to be the right flower, and the right color. I love when things are symbolic and mean more than what we see on the surface.
Flowers can express many sentiments, such as love, thoughtfulness, and support. Although giving flowers as gifts dates back many centuries, the Victorians are credited with creating a language out of flowers. Shakespeare used flowers in many of his writings: Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet, and A Midsummer Night’s Dream, to name a few.
I learned a new word: Floriography- the language of flowers. If you want to convey a message with flowers, it’s important to know what you want to say and what flower, color, and number can help you say it. Who knew it was so involved?

The number of flowers presented can say a lot. One flower is representative of love at first sight. Thirteen flowers scream secret admirer. And, two dozen is one for every hour that the giver thinks about the recipient.
Colors are symbolic for many things but for flowers, in particular, the color is especially meaningful. Most people know that red is for love. But did you know that pink means happiness and yellow is for friendship? White represents purity and blue conveys security. (Blue is the color I used in my WIP.)
The types of flowers are also significant. Roses and carnations meanings differ depending on the color. Lilies are a symbol of virtue and orchids convey beauty. Tulips also have meanings based on color but a mix is symbolic of imagination. Can you think of a better one for a writer?
Tulips are my favorite because I honeymooned in the Netherlands in the spring, many years ago. We biked through the countryside and saw fields of colorful tulips. Unfortunately, in the Deep South, the season for the delicate tulip to thrive is quite short because we bring the heat down here.

What is your favorite Spring Flower? Or anytime flower? Special meanings? Special memories?