Spring Showers

Spring showers in my neck of the woods are often severe thunderstorms with high winds and deadly lightning. Rather than enjoying a gentle rain, we have to batten down the hatches, secure the patio furniture and pray that no tornadoes develop.

These Southern storms are scary, like the world of romance writing if you are a newbie like me. The more I learn about writing romantic fiction, the more I realize what I didn’t know.

With most storms, there are breaks in the clouds that allow a little light to shine through but when the skies remain dark for an extended period of time, it is easy to forget the bright spots. I find myself wondering if the sun will ever shine again.

As I consider the work I must do to get ready for publication, I see dark clouds gathering but I remind myself that spring showers provide nourishment and promote new growth. As I struggle with the sensation of a dark rain cloud hovering over me, I can also appreciate that when the skies clear, something beautiful will be waiting.