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May-May: Sister’s Birthday – MEDA WHITE
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May-May: Sister’s Birthday

Meda White
May-May is a nickname for one of my sisters. Since her birthday is also in May (this week in fact), I think it’s fitting.
Her real name rhymes with Layla and I cannot tell you how many countless suitors over the years have crooned Eric Clapton’s lyrics, inserting her name into the chorus. Enough to make me gag but that was mainly because Meda, Meda, Pumpkin Eater was the only song my name fit into.
May-May was born sixteen months after I was, so we were very close growing up. She was the grade behind me in school and since we grew up in a small town, we had many of the same friends. As teens, we wore the same size clothes and shoes which was great until she had on something that I wanted to wear and vice versa. She’s always had a sense of style that I lacked and she could make anything she wore look better than when I tried to wear it. She was bold in her fashion statements which is why she got sent home from school a lot for bending/breaking the dress code.

We also call her Queenie because of her pageant involvement and wins. She’s always liked bling so those sparkling crowns were perfect. These days, she is passing on the pageant tradition by coaching, judging, and mentoring. Being an expert at hair and makeup is also a talent she has possessed since youth. If you ever go to Sephora with her, she’ll use the samples to give you an awesome makeover because she’s sweet like that.

May-May is not only beautiful, she’s smart—Valedictorian and all that jazz. She journeyed from teacher to lawyer with grace and aplomb. Now, she works well over forty hours a week and still makes time to teach fitness classes, stay in touch with family and friends, entertain the hubby and dog, and help her step-daughter with pageant preparations. She’s Superwoman!

We’ve always had a lot of fun together. Back in the day, we came home after riding dirt roads with our friend (MB) and mom asked if we’d been drinking. We admitted that we each had one beer. Then, we pulled out the empty quart bottle of Bud and laughed. This bottle helped us memorize the Budweiser motto (which we still can recite from memory).
We got into a little trouble over that but May-May was normally the one who kept me straight. I later discovered that my wise mother knew this and gave us the same curfew because of it. It seemed so unfair at the time since I was the oldest.
Over the years, we’ve shared life, death, laughter, tears, joy, heartache, victories, frustrations, clothes (the traveling pants), beauty tips, fitness tips, diet tips, secrets, advice, vacations, holidays, and birthdays. That’s what sisters do, we share. I’m so glad that my sisters are two of my closest friends.

I hope May-May’s Birthday and year are happy, blessed, and filled with reasons to celebrate. To many more, Sister. I love you.

Do you have any sister memories to share?



  1. Beautiful tribute to love and sisterhood Meda.I had seven sisters and with each of them I shared a great bond and relationship. I was the youngest so needless to say I had many mamas. They were teachers,examples,hero’s,and most of all friends.I cherish the memories and look forward to making new memories with my two sisters and my brother who is still living. I also have many soriety sisters,whom I love and appreciate.I am blessed.

  2. How wonderful that I know exactly what you mean about May May… As well as MB. Nice to be privy to the inside scoop!

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