What I learned on Summer Vacation

School is back in session in my neck of the woods, so I guess that means summer fun is over. Since my husband desperately needed some time off from the grind, we scooted over to the East coast for a few days. Savannah and Charleston are interesting places. I learned more than I can post but here are a few highlights.

-6 years is too long to spend apart from good friends.


-One reason Savannah has a lot of ghosts is because it was built on an Indian burial ground.

-Never go to a fudge shop after a pub tour.

-Horse drawn carriage tours are fun but smelly.

-Deep fat frying food in the South is a West African influence.

-To survive Atlanta traffic, don’t leave a gap between your car and the one in front and don’t use a blinker.

-Before the invention of red lights, “those” places were called red shoe districts. Guess why.

-A fun driving game to play is to pretend the two cities on an exit sign are the first and last name of a person and make up a story about them.
Cross Country Roads


Did you learn anything fun this summer?
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