Tales From The Family Crypt: Visitors #ghosts

For the last Wednesday in October, I have a couple of real ghost sighting stories told by my family members. Have a spooktacular Halloween and Dia de los Muertos!


Where my mama grew up, they turned the cows out into the pasture to graze during the day and brought them home in the evening to milk. One night, it was Aunt Kelly and Aunt Elaine’s turn to move the cows, but the animals refused to cooperate. One look at the gate and the girls knew why. Aunt Beth stood at the gate, and she’d been dead for many years.
The girls ran to the house, afraid of the ghost and afraid their daddy would whip them for not completing their task. When they explained what they saw, he understood and went with them to get the cows. Aunt Beth was gone by then, so the animals didn’t give them any trouble.

When Aunt Jane was a teenager, she went through a rebellious phase. She snuck out of the house to meet friends, drink liquor, smoke cigarettes, and kiss boys.
The kids in the family took turns getting buckets of water from the well. One night at dusk, it was Aunt Jane’s turn to go pump the water. When she came in, she was pale as paper and empty handed. The family asked her what was wrong and she told them she’d seen Grandma standing in the pomegranate tree by the well.
Grandma, who’d been long dead, told Aunt Jane to behave herself and start being good to her mama or something bad was gonna happen. The encounter scared her straight…for a while.

Recently, when Aunt Susan was in the hospital following surgery, our Uncle Jack was killed in a tragic accident. They’d been in-laws for forty years or more, so he was like her real brother. Her kids debated when to tell her because the news would be upsetting and they didn’t want to delay her recovery.
The oldest daughter, Patti, discussed their concerns with the nurse.
The nurse’s face paled. “I think your mama already knows.”
“Why do you say that?” Patti asked.
“Because she tried to introduce me to her brother-in-law, Jack, but there was no one there.”
Later, Aunt Susan said Jack was sitting in the chair next to the bed. He was younger, thinner, and wearing his Navy uniform. She asked him what he was doing there.
He said, “Just wanted to come by and see you.”

The nurse came in and Aunt Susan tried to introduce them. She and Jack visited for a while and then he was gone.

Have you ever seen a ghost?