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Tales From The Family Crypt: Whistling Bridge – MEDA WHITE
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Tales From The Family Crypt: Whistling Bridge

Meda White

For the month of October, I’m sharing spooky true stories from my families’ experiences with the other side. It’s all about bridges this week because I shared the Legends of White’s Bridge on Romance Magicians recently. If you get a spine-tingling thrill, leave a note to let me know. The point is to get you ready for Halloween. Muahahahaha………………..

Whistling Bridge
When my grandfather was a young man, in the days of horses and buggies, he was courting. His aunt chaperoned his dates which were usually to church on Sunday evenings. On one memorable occasion, it was dark on the way home and when they got to the wooden bridge, the horse started acting up. My grandfather got off the carriage to calm the horse and when he did, he heard someone whistle. It was common to whistle for attention if help was needed.
My grandfather looked around and called out, “Yeah, what you need?”
No one answered, but the horse was still restless. My grandfather tried to lead the horse across the bridge, but the animal dug his heels in.
Another whistle.
“Yeah, what you need? Are you having trouble?”
No answer.
My grandfather finally took his coat off and put it over the horses head so he could lead them across the bridge. After that night, several people in the community reported hearing someone whistle when they crossed the bridge.
Years later, when the bridge was replaced with concrete, the area around it was disturbed and human remains were found. Bullet fragments were embedded in some of the bones. My grandfather believed the spirit belonging to the bones was trying to be discovered, so they could be properly laid to rest.
Have you ever heard a noise and turned to see no one there? Felt a draft on your neck or a tap on your shoulder when you were alone?


  1. Meda I can just hear you doing that spooky laugh. I’m enjoying seeing your family stories in print. A sight and sound I’m familiar with is a redbird pecking at the South window. It is a warning that a loved one is crossing over or an acknowledgement that they are there and everything is alright. At first it was an eerie sight and sound, a bit unnerving but after a few years I learned to be grateful that I was privelidged to witness a small part of the Spirit world.

    1. I’ve heard of the red bird, but not on the south window. That’s so neat. Hopefully, I won’t see that anytime soon, but if I ever do, I’ll try to be grateful for the privilege.

  2. I have been enjoying your stories as well. I heard my Daddy after he had passed. I was inside his house with my daughter Brooke and heard a voice tell the dogs to get on. The dogs were making the noise (like someone was there). Daddy use to push his legs out on the dogs and push them out of his way. I went out to check to see who was there but no one was there. I called out my brother’s name, went to the front and back of the house, but only the dogs were there. When I came back in my daughter asked who was there (she heard the voice too), and I said, no one, I guess it was Daddy. That is the only time I ever heard him…but I have felt his presence many times.

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