Fit Tip: 10 Reasons to BodyFlow

Meda White
BodyFlow 63 Launch: Crocodile Pose
BodyFlow 63 Launch: Crocodile Pose

My friend and fellow BodyFlow instructor, Sommer, came up with a list of ten reasons to make this class one of your must-dos. It seems many people want to do cardio classes to lose weight, but they might be missing out on the benefits you can gain from the combination of Yoga, Pilates and Tai Chi that BodyFlow/BodyBalance offers. This is a Les Mills Group Fitness Class with dynamic music and moves to make participants longer, stronger, and calmer. Check out Sommer’s list.

#10 Great Abs- strong core, decreased back pain

#9 Built-in Meditation- a rested mind can do more

#8 Improved Posture- more core and postural stability, plus increased thoracic mobility

#7 Increased Flexibility- strengthening without stretching creates imbalance/asymmetry

#6 Improved Mobility & Joint Nutrition- no one wants age to slow them down

#5 Improved Balance- train sensors in your brain to prevent falls

#4 Improved Sex Life/Decreased Urinary Incontinence- strong pelvic floor

#3 Stress Relief/Decreased Depression- endorphins make you happy

#2 Improved Performance in Sports and Other Fitness Classes- breathe better with increased lung capacity, be safer with a stronger core, kick higher with more flexibility

#1 Because Sommer said so- she’s a Physical Therapist

+ A Bonus not on her list- Increased Strength- body weight resistance training- more muscle means more calories burning while at rest

If these sound like benefits you might enjoy, I encourage you to find a class near you and try it. Visit Les Mills Classes. Once or twice a week will create improvements physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Your body will sweat, your muscles will burn, your lungs will expand and you’re going to love the way you feel when you’re finished. Kia Ora!

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