Mid-Week Word: Spell- Not for Writers or Witches #southernstyle

I learned to spell in school, but that’s not a very Southern use of the word. Wizards and witches cast spells, but I don’t mean this one either. My Maw used to say this word a lot.

“Sit a spell.” In this case, it’s a undetermined length of time. Trust me, she was a woman you wanted to sit a long spell with. She had lots of stories and love to share.

“We’re having a dry spell.” This one is used when a specific type of weather lasts for a period of time. Because Maw lived in a farming community, it was bad to have dry spells. Crops would suffer and so would people’s livelihoods.

“I’m having a spell with my heart.” This is like having an episode or a period where something is occurring. People with colds might have coughing spells. It’s the same idea. Maw’s “spell” was most likely angina and it scared me every time it happened. I was a little kid who didn’t know how to fix a heart spell.

Maw and me ca. 1975
Maw and me ca. 1975

I just about can’t hear the word “spell” in any context without thinking of this special lady. Do you have a word that takes you back to time spent with a special person?