Fit Tip: Preparing for a Feast

feast reunion

It’s family reunion time again. Each year, I look forward to visiting with my relatives and eating until I’m sick. I’ve tried a few strategies over the years to prevent my waistline from growing as big as the attendance at our family reunions. Did I mention I have over 30 first cousins, most of whom have kids and grandkids? When we belly-up to the trough, you better have your plastic fork ready to protect your fried chicken.




1. 90/10 Rule- eat healthy 90% of the time, splurge 10%

2. Calorie banking- eat low-cal all week, feast on the big day

3. Stay on your regular nutrition program and let the feast be your cheat meal.

If you want to stay on your diet during the feast, plan ahead. Don’t arrive hungry and provide a healthy dish. Be prepared to take most of it home because the cousins will pass on your roasted broccoli with feta in favor of the collard greens and field peas. Have the roasted turkey and as many veggies as you can get on your plate.

In the end, don’t stress over it. If you want seconds, have them. If you can’t decide between the chocolate or caramel cake, have a small slice of each. Tomorrow’s a new day.

Make merry. Love on your kin. Take a long walk. Don’t forget the Rolaids.

Can you think of any other strategies to help you through a feast?