Mid-Weeks Words: How to Threaten Your Kids #southernstyle

I love going home to South Georgia. I hear all sorts of interesting things (and I’m not talking about the gossip). The last trip, I noted how the parents and grandparents got the kids in line. These threats were more than idle ones when I was little, but thankfully the sweet young’uns in my family take heed (most of the time).

1. I’m gone beat the ever living fire out of you.

2. I’m gonna snatch a knot in your tail.

3. I’m gone blister you up one side and down the other.

4. I’m gonna wring your neck.

5. I’m gonna take you to the woodshed. (The place my Grandpa took the kids for spankings.)

+ Bonus: Go get me a switch.

What threats have you used (or had used on you) to straighten up bad behavior?