Mid-Week Word: Tailgate #southernstyle

Tailgate Party at the Pond
Tailgate Party at the Pond

Tailgate is a word you hear a lot in my neck of the woods. For the uninitiated, a tailgate is that thing on the back of a truck that swings up to close or swings down to allow you to load up or take a load off.

For anyone who hasn’t spent much time on a tailgate, you might wonder what the big deal is. It’s a nice spot to sit and talk, sit and watch, or if you’re a romance writer like me, sit and smooch. *wriggles eyebrows*

There are several country songs out right now that mention tailgates. Yeah by Joe Nichols and Play It Again by Luke Bryan. Luke sings about tailgates in a few of his songs.

Let’s not forget football season in the South. Tailgating is a right of passage for SEC fans. The more tailgates, the better.

When was the last time you let your legs swing off a tailgate?