Music Moments: Halloween Songs

With Halloween quickly approaching, I’m starting to see more horror movies on television- the slasher ones in particular.

slasher with cred

I don’t watch them much anymore because I have to sleep with the lights on and Hubba-luv complains about that. With the lights off, my imagination makes me see Michael Myers coming out of the shadows of the closet. Just hearing the music is enough to give me chills and make me look over my shoulder. I’m not certain if there’s another theme song as recognizable as the one from the Halloween franchise.

If you’re interested in other holiday appropriate music, I’ve found two places online with lists of cool songs, not necessarily from scary movies. Paste Magazine and MacX DVD.

Do you have a song you that gets you in the Halloween spirit? A song that gives you the creeps and makes you count the knives in the block to be sure they’re all present?