Southern Scene: Roadkill

*Warning: This post contains images of roadkill.*

This is a common occurrence where I reside. In one week’s time, I found two dead animals on the roadside in my neighborhood. The first, Mr. RIP Armadillo, attracted flies and the attention of neighborhood dogs for five or six days. I kept Lily White away from the corpse because these critters can carry leprosy.

2014-10-13 11.37.26The next beast was only present one day. I think a strong rainfall washed it down the gutter. This tiny snake made me hurt myself because I wasn’t sure it was dead at first. In the days following this sighting, every stick I saw wiggled and made me think a snake was coming after me.

2014-10-13 11.35.32

Is roadkill something you see often in your neck of the woods?