Southern Scene: Black Walnut Tree

This Black Walnut Tree lives on the edge of Maw’s home place in SOWEGA (Southwest Georgia). It produced this year and Mama Dear tells me it’s the first time in several years. She also thinks the tree is about 170 years old. Wow!

2014-11-27 12.08.25

There are no other plants close to this tree, and I’ve discovered the reason why. The roots release a herbicide that can kill or stunt the growth of neighboring plants. I found more interesting information about its “Evil Roots” on the Farmer’s Almanac Website. (Don’t tell my cousin who farms the adjacent land. He may decide he needs new walnut furniture.)

Walnuts are a healthy treat, but I hear the black walnut has a very strong flavor enjoyed only by a few. Those few say the meat needs to be dried and used sparingly or as a garnish. Either way, I wanted to share this Southern scene with you. Enjoy!