Clothes should have an expiration date

Not my closet but not far off…

The spring cleaning bug bit me, and I spent last weekend cleaning out my closet. I have this loose rule that if I haven’t worn something in the last six to twelve months, I donate it. The rule doesn’t apply to shoes, though it should. I pulled out shoes and clothes I haven’t worn since I moved into my house four years ago. I take comfort in the (possibly mistaken) belief that I’m not the only one who keeps clothes long past their expiration dates.

If you read my post last week about my daring, yet unsuccessful attempts to resuscitate a 10+-year-old pair of jeans, then you know what I’m dealing with.

Since I’m not a fashion forward person, expiration dates would help me realize when a trend has passed.

An expiration date might have prevented a loss of support when the Velcro shoulder strap on my sports bra failed during BodyAttack (a high impact cardio class from Les Mills).

Either I’ve grown or my old tops have shrunk, because I’m baring early-nineties style midriff when I raise my arms above my head.

With all of these clothing mishaps piling up, I’m surprised the fashion police haven’t written me up for multiple infractions. Perhaps I should peruse a few fashion magazines, blogs, and Pinterest boards before I make a trip to the store to restock.

Have the clothes in your closet passed their expiration date?