What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever eaten for breakfast?

Where I grew up, breakfast for supper was a common occurrence. I’m not talking about the occasional bowl of cereal because Mama was too tired to cook dinner. I’m talking about a spread–grits, eggs, bacon/sausage, biscuits/toast, and mayhaw jelly. Other breakfast meals might have been pancakes and syrup, or a favorite at our house was milk-toast (a.k.a. SOS/milk gravy served on toast).

Sometimes, we’d even have midnight breakfast on the holidays or after events like Homecoming and Prom. I guess breakfast food is a cheap way to feed a lot of folks.

Restaurants like The Waffle House, Denny’s, and Ihop, make it easy to have breakfast any time of day.

The first time I remember seeing unusual things served for breakfast was as an adult, when I began traveling abroad. In the Netherlands, we had cheese, cold cuts, and gruel. In Russia, they prepared fish, sliced tomatoes, and beets. I’m pretty sure we had bratwurst and potato pancakes for breakfast in Germany. There were plenty of other things in these places too, like the best oven-fresh bread you’ve ever eaten.

From time to time, I eat chicken and rice for breakfast. I got the idea from an Asian cookbook where I found a Vietnamese Congee recipe. It’s basically rice porridge. I read somewhere that it’s sometimes eaten for breakfast and a new morning meal was born.

Chicken & Rice- The Breakfast of this Champion
Chicken & Rice- The Breakfast of this Champion

What unusual or non-breakfast food have you consumed for your morning meal?