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Meda White

For those of you who’ve been long awaiting Johnny Baker’s happily ever after, it’s here. For those of you who are about to meet for Johnny for the first time, enjoy the fall.

Fool With My HeartFool With My Heart_Meda White

A Southland Romance, Book 4

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If Lacy gets the housekeeper position at Southland ranch, she can start fresh, where no one knows she’s weak.

Johnny’s new dream job puts him in close contact with Lacy, who makes it clear his advances are unwelcome.

When trouble hits hard, they learn only way to survive is to fight for love.


“I should’ve realized something was up,” Johnny said. “She broke up with her boyfriend last week and said some things about the way I look.”

Lacy glanced up at him. “Good things?”

“Yeah. I didn’t start taking care of myself for her, but she’s the only female who’s noticed.”

“That’s not true.” Lacy clamped her mouth closed and looked away, heat flooding her face.

“Oh, yeah?” His voice rose on the last word, and he squeezed her arm a couple times.

“I just meant you haven’t been around other women. At least, not that I know of.”

“Is that all you meant?” He grinned. “This is your fault, you know? If you hadn’t been starving me for the last six weeks, I’d still be my old fat happy self.”

Don’t miss out on Johnny’s journey to happily ever after, because he’s forever getting into trouble.

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