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Messed Up Monday – MEDA WHITE
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Messed Up Monday

Meda White

Today hasn’t really gone according to plan, but I’m not upset about it. I’ll tell you my secret as to why after I tell you what has happened.

I got up earlier than normal, hoping to get some prep work done for my book release this week before I had to leave to substitute teach a class at the gym.

I had plenty of time, so I decided that instead of egg whites, I wanted real boiled eggs. Due to our kitchen renovation, I have no stove, so I boiled some water in the microwave and put the eggs in for 15 minutes. When I cracked them open, they were soft boiled. I gagged a little at the sight of the runny insides. So I peeled the top shells off and thought that since they were open, I could zap them for 30 seconds to finish cooking them. Wrong! At 27 seconds, they exploded. It was hilarious and I laughed really hard while egg dripped from the top of my brand new microwave.

After the cleanup process and plan B for breakfast, I was running late. About ten minutes into my drive to work, I realized I forgot my iPod. Since I teach Les Mills BodyFlow and it’s choreographed to music, I really can’t teach without it. I was about to turn around when I remembered I can access my Playlist on my phone. Yippee! Plan B again.

Another few minutes down the road, I nearly wrecked when a suicidal squirrel darted out in front of me.


When my heart returned to my chest, I noticed I’d forgotten my wedding rings. My first thought was I better check to be sure I put on pants today. No-pants-Monday probably won’t fly at the gym. I hadn’t forgotten them. You’re welcome, citizens of Trussville.

With two ambulances and a fire truck to slow me down, I made it to work in about half the time it normally takes me. I didn’t speed. I’d already decided I was gonna get there when I got there. (This verb tense confusion is confusing me.)

During the warm-up, I forgot the choreography and asked my participants, “What’s next?” When I heard the music, I remembered it was arm swings, but we had a good chuckle anyway.

So pretty much everything I did up until that point today kinda went wacky.

The reason why I’m not cussing and pulling my hair out is because I prayed first. It’s a mantra at our church. Every January and August, we (Church of the Highlands) have 21 days of prayer. I missed the first week, so I started today. One of the things Pastor Mark said when he was wrapping up with a corporate prayer and praising the Names of God really struck me. When he got to Jehovah Nissi (Banner of Victory), he said we’re not fighting for victory, we’re standing in victory. Fist pump.

The only reason I haven’t declared this day a bad day is because the Holy Spirit is stronger in me today than he would be if I hadn’t started my day with prayer.

That’s my secret. It’s not me at all, but Christ alive in me.

I know this isn’t the sort of thing I normally blog about, but I had to share. May it bless you. Happy day! 2015-08-09 19.26.52


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