My Water Tastes Like Pig Feet

Due to serious allergies, I started feeding Lily White a raw diet several months ago. It has helped her skin problems tremendously, and she chows down, hardly breathing as she chomps and grinds her raw meat and bone.

In addition to the meat, I make bone broth to give her extra nutrients and to use as a base to mix her other medicine and supplements in. This is also a big hit with her.

The humans in the house, on the other hand, are not fond of the bone broth. We walk around with clothespins on our noses because it stinks to high heaven while it’s cooking in the crockpot. After I strain it and dispose of the cooked bones, I immediately wash the crockpot and colander and any other tools/utensils contaminated by the broth. (I also put Thieves essential oils in the diffuser to help clear the air.) The dishrag I use to wash the dishes gets thrown into the dirty laundry right away. Except…I must’ve forgotten that little step yesterday after I prepped the food and broth.

For work today, I put my water in the bottle I use for the gym and headed out. In the car, I took a sip, expecting a thirst-quenching rush of flavorless liquid to flow over my tongue. Instead, I tasted the biting wallop of bone broth. My first thought was of the pigs feet used to make the broth. Thus, my water tastes like pigs feet today.

Lesson learned. I don’t think I’ll make that mistake again. At least, I hope not.

Have you ever taken a drink expecting one thing and gotten another?