Giving Thrive Market a Try

Meda White

My friends and family will tell you I’m a little bit of a health nut. Ahem, never mind that pesky sugar addiction that WILL NOT beat me. My goal of going clean in 2016 includes not only home and personal hygiene products, but also what I’m feeding the machine (a.k.a. my body). Because I like to eat organic whenever possible and because I feel like I need to take out a loan before I go to Whole Foods, I decided to give Thrive Market a try.

They are an online grocer who has wholesome products at wholesale prices. (Their tagline, not mine.)


In my 30 day free trial period, I placed two orders with them and saved lots of moolah. They have food stuffs, personal care items, home items, even pet items.

Since I’m having a turmeric toddy every day, I ordered Simply Organic spices- lots of them- because I put more than just turmeric in my morning elixir. I just got in a bag of organic hemp seeds which I use in my morning protein smoothie. I couldn’t find organic ones at Publix where I do most of my local shopping.

Because I’m gluten free, I can also find all of those lovely alternative baking flours made from almond or rice or whatever without breaking the bank.

If I can encourage friends to sign up, I can get shopping credits, which I will totally put to good use. But mainly, I want the people I know and love to be healthy (healthier), greener, and cleaner. No, I’m not saying you smell, but I might do a future post on some natural deodorant that actually works.

The annual membership fee for Thrive Market runs just under $60 so it’s about $5 a month to get access to healthy products at a big discount. Here’s my link to join or at least check it out:

I know it took me several investigatory glances before I jumped in, but I’m glad I did.

Be well, friends.

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