Thankful for Hubba-Luv

We celebrated thirteen years of marriage last Sunday. Actually, we went to dinner after I spent two solid days in something like yoga bootcamp. I was too tired for anything exciting.
We don’t tend to celebrate big, except for every five years. We kicked our marriage off with a honeymoon to the Netherlands. Five years was a trip to Hawaii, ten was Germany & Italy, fifteen will be the United Kingdom (if I get my way). I’ve got twenty and twenty-five planned out too, but if you ask Hubba-luv, he’ll tell you we’re going to Panama City Beach, Florida for all of them.
I was about to crop this when I realized our wedding photo is in the background. Cool, huh?
For a small gift this year, I got him his favorite cereal. (He doesn’t get it very often because I am the food nazi in our house. He retired from that role when he started his MBA program.) It was on sale, so I also saved us some money. Plus, there was a bonus: a Star Wars pen inside. Now, I have to buy this for him every week until we have all eight pens. In this box, we got the Storm Trooper. “Best anniversary gift ever,” he says. I agree it’s pretty cool.

I’m thankful for the opportunity to share my life with my partner and best friend. He gets my humor, he makes me laugh, and generally speaking, he makes life brighter.

What’s the best (or most unusual) gift you ever received for an anniversary?