Thankful for #Music

I’ve been known to spontaneously erupt in song at random moments. Sometimes, I don’t even realize I’m doing it. Other times, it’s intentional. It annoys the heck out of some people, but others find it endearing. My motto is: A happy heart has a song in it.
Music is inspired and inspiring. It can set a mood- happy, sad, calm, tense. It can make you sing or dance or change the station. I recently attended a talk given by the talented Laura Hayden on how to use music as a subliminal muse when writing. It works too. I’ve gotten entire story themes/ideas from songs. Someday, you’ll get to read them. **Wink**
I listen to all kinds of music, when I’m writing and when I’m not, although I do favor some genres over others. My presets currently feature Alt Rock, Country and Contemporary Christian, but I go through phases where I listen to rap, opera, pop, choral, symphonic—whatever mood strikes. Movie and Television soundtracks have some of the best music- a little mix of everything.
I picked the top five artists I’ve been listening to this month. It’ll be different in a few weeks.

What are you thankful to be listening to these days? Is there a song, an artist, a genre that inspires you?