Mid-Week Words: 5 Ways to Address Someone #southernstyle

Walk into any Waffle House down south and you are likely to get called:

1. Honey

2. Sugar

3. Sweetie

4. Baby

5. Darlin’

These words are how we address strangers and loved ones.

I’ve been guilty of using them myself and I have a funny story to share. Years ago, I’d been hanging out with a girlfriend and the guy she was seeing. He called females “Honey.” I heard it so often that I started occasionally saying it too.

One day while working, my boss called my name across the office.

My response, “Yeah, honey.” Instant mortification.

His mouth fell open and his eyes got big as saucers before he belly laughed. I don’t think I’ve made that mistake since.

One thing to keep in mind before you test these terms; some people dislike being called names like this. I don’t like it when women younger than me call me Baby. The cashier at the grocery store by my house does it all the time and I try not to grind my teeth in irritation.

Does it bother you when you’re addressed this way? Can you add to the list above?