Fit Tip: Sports Bras- It’s a Workout Getting Them On/Off

racerback bra

This fit tip was prompted by a conversation a Facebook friend had with a VS clerk about their Sports Bras. Basically, the clerk put her foot in it by saying middle aged women had a hard time getting into the racerback bras. After I got over being offended, I realized it’s true.

About the time I hit 35, I slowly phased out the racerback and replaced it with the hook & eye entry.

hook & eye

For years, I practiced yoga in non-yoga clothes. When I began teaching BodyFlow, I had to invest in yoga wear. Most of the tops are racerback with those flimsy built-in  shelf-bras which offer no extra support or coverage. It’s because yoga is a low impact activity, but I had to also invest in racerback sports bras to get an extra layer of protection from wardrobe malfunctions.

racer tanks

I’d be interested to know how many calories someone could burn getting into a racerback. Or worse, getting out of one when you’re sweaty. Who knows what I’m talking about? And you thought it was hard getting into Spanx.

Get it on! First, test the stretchy-ness of the garment to warm up your arms. Then, decide which body part to insert first–head or arms. Sometimes, it’s better to attempt both arms at once. Just get it over with. Be prepared for the parts you’re trying to cover to get trapped and pinched as the material bunches at chest level. At some point, shoulder mobility and flexibility are pushed to their limits. Be sure to have Advil and ice packs on hand in the event of a sprain.

Get it off! Pray for as long as it takes to dry completely from the sweat. Any attempts to get it off sooner will likely result in injury. Do a few arm circles to loosen your shoulders. Hug yourself as your reach under your arms. Get a grip, take a deep breath and let it out as you pull up. Not pulling on both sides equally will cause intense pain as the once stretchy fabric acts as a vice to pin your arms and shoulders in an unnatural position. Try panic-breathing until you feel lightheaded, then take one deep breath and gather your courage. One more painful tug is all it will take. When it’s off, soak in an Epsom salt bath and sip wine to relax your tired muscles. Call a massage therapist if discomfort persists.

More helpful advice: Don’t wear racerbacks on Shoulder or Tricep day. You will probably need assistance to de-frock. The fire department can be reached by dialing 911.

A great place to shop for exercise clothes is Title Nine. Who’s up for a workout? Any injuries out there from getting into or out of your sports bra?