A Bunch of Hockey #Smashville #GoPreds

Meda White

My friend and fellow author, Carla Swafford, has recently been bitten by the hockey bug. And I’m starting to think this thing is contagious.

She invited me to go to Nashville, a.k.a. Smashville, to see the Predators play. Since I’d never been to the Music City, I was like, “Aww yeah. This is happening.”


This is how excited I was to get there. We could spit on the Bridgestone Arena from our hotel. But we didn’t. Too windy.

We took a stroll along the Riverwalk…


where they have a piece of art that looks like part of a roller coaster.


We found candy and my companions found out about my sweet tooth.


The Man in Black has a museum.


The American Pickers have an expensive store.


I encountered an aggressive sink. Not something you see everyday.


But the highlight was definitely seeing the Predators in action.


Wait! That’s not them. That’s us in our team gear.


Here’s the big predator head they entered the ice through.


Here they are warming up. Sadly, they lost in overtime, but they played fast and furious.

The reason I think this could be addicting is that when I was back home, cruising down the street, listening to satellite radio, the host announced the hockey channel and I nearly turned to listen to a couple teams I’d never even heard of. LOL I can definitely see another road trip in my future.

Thanks, Carla.

Have you ever been to a live sporting event and been pleasantly surprised at how much you enjoyed it?


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