Who Are Good Deeds Really Good For?

I had the opportunity to help someone the other day. It was my birthday, so I was already flying high and looking forward to a celebratory cupcake. As I approached my car in the parking lot, I heard an engine struggling to turn over. I looked for the source and didn’t see it at first. […]

Home With My Heart Cover Reveal #SouthlandRomance

With two weeks until the highly-awaited release of the Southland Prequel, Home With My Heart, I figured it was high time for a cover reveal. If you subscribe to my Dirt Road Ramblings Newsletter or are a member of my Dirt Road Darlings Street Team, then you’ve already feasted your eyes upon it.┬áThank you to […]

My Water Tastes Like Pig Feet

Due to serious allergies, I started feeding Lily White a raw diet several months ago. It has helped her skin problems tremendously, and she chows down, hardly breathing as she chomps and grinds her raw meat and bone. In addition to the meat, I make bone broth to give her extra nutrients and to use […]