Happy Book Birthday to @CarlaSwafford for Full Heat #newrelease

From the author of Hidden Heat (“Filled with action, deception, and emotional and sexual tension.”—Publishers Weekly), the Brothers of Mayhem MC rides again in an explosive novel of wounded hearts and undeniable heat. Forget shining armor. Motorcycle shop owner Mary Jane Parker could use a knight in black leather right about now. A local gang has been […]

Giving Thrive Market a Try

My friends and family will tell you I’m a little bit of a health nut. Ahem, never mind that pesky sugar addiction that WILL NOT beat me. My goal of going clean in 2016 includes not only home and personal hygiene products, but also what I’m feeding the machine (a.k.a. my body). Because I like […]

A Bunch of Hockey #Smashville #GoPreds

My friend and fellow author, Carla Swafford, has recently been bitten by the hockey bug. And I’m starting to think this thing is contagious. She invited me to go to Nashville, a.k.a. Smashville, to see the Predators play. Since I’d never been to the Music City, I was like, “Aww yeah. This is happening.” This […]