Real Men Wear Pink

It takes a confident man to let his little girl do his hair up nice and purdy in pink scrunchies and bows. There is a great love that can exist between dads and daughters. The Greek term for parental love, storge, is when a daddy loves his child, simply because the child is his to […]

Romancing a Romance Writer

For the month of February, I am blogging about love- all kinds of love. I’m kicking it off with a tribute to my hub-a-luv. He is known by many names. Most of my family calls him Ken or food nazi. Some friends call him Barney. His best friend from college calls him White Trash. And […]

Knee Deep in Storytelling  Grab your waders, it’s getting deep in here y’all. When my family gets together, we do a lot of storytelling. I remember sitting at my grandmother’s knee when I was teeny, tiny and getting lost in her stories. Most of the stories are true, some are embellished, and some are just plain unbelievable. There […]

Birthdays Bite

2nd Birthday  Those who know me have heard these words from my mouth: “It’s my Birthday Month.” I used to celebrate my Birthday for the entire month of January. As I’ve gotten older, it has gone to Birthday week and most recently, Birthday weekend. George R.R. Martin got it right: Winter is coming. As […]

Get The Heck Out Of Dodge  Which way to the back door? Lynyrd Skynyrd is playing in my head: Give Me Three Steps and you’ll never see me no more. While starting and not finishing several blog ideas for this week, I took a break to pray for a sweet family. One sister is donating her bone marrow to the […]