Interview with Debut Author, Larynn Ford

When she becomes the victim of several life-threatening incidents all in one week, it seems fate is out to put an end to Lynzi Lancaster. Her close calls with death trigger a series of dreams about a magical place and a certain man who broke her heart twenty years ago. Layne Brady. Could her life […]

Spring Flowers

I recently researched flowers because the hero in my WIP wanted to give them to the heroine…but, they had to be the right flower, and the right color. I love when things are symbolic and mean more than what we see on the surface. Flowers can express many sentiments, such as love, thoughtfulness, and support. […]

Spring Fling

Spring Fling Have you ever had a Spring Fling?  I recently chaperoned a few teenagers on a Spring Break trip to the Redneck Riviera. My favorite part of the trip was sitting on the beach in a long sleeve rash guard shirt, board shorts that hit me at the knee, and SPF 7000. It was […]

Irish/American Lore

Beware the Banshee! I don’t mean the new hit show on Cinemax.In Ireland, the Banshee is the spirit of a female fairy who is a messenger of death. Sometimes, only her wailing is heard. Other times, a wailing woman is seen, wearing clothes of mourning. Either way, it is a sign of impending death. Death isn’t […]