May-May: Sister’s Birthday

May-May is a nickname for one of my sisters. Since her birthday is also in May (this week in fact), I think it’s fitting. Her real name rhymes with Layla and I cannot tell you how many countless suitors over the years have crooned Eric Clapton’s lyrics, inserting her name into the chorus. Enough to […]

Sittin’ Up With The Dead

    I’m not talking about the dead  tradition of staying up all night with the corpse of a loved one. I’m talking about the Dead (or Undead) world of Sookie Stackhouse created by the brilliant mind of Charlaine Harris. For those who don’t know, all thirteen books have “Dead” in the title.   In […]

Beltane: Welcome to Summer

  Beltane is an ancient Celtic festival that comes to English from the Gaelic word bealltainn which literally means “May 1st.” To celebrate this transition from spring to summer, large bonfires are lit in Ireland, Scotland, and the Isle of Man. The modern day celebration in Edinburgh, Scotland, is called the Beltane Fire Festival. It […]

Spring Showers

Spring showers in my neck of the woods are often severe thunderstorms with high winds and deadly lightning. Rather than enjoying a gentle rain, we have to batten down the hatches, secure the patio furniture and pray that no tornadoes develop. These Southern storms are scary, like the world of romance writing if you are […]