Conference Confessions RWA 2013

I’m coming down from the conference high I got at the Romance Writers of America Annual National Conference. As a first timer, I wore an orange tag on my badge so others would know and help me feel welcome. It worked like a charm. Not only was I welcomed by veteran romance writers but other first […]

Literacy Signing Day at RWA Nationals

I was privileged to be born into my family. Having educated parents gave me the opportunity to get an education. I never considered that others didn’t have the same opportunities I did until I met a wonderful woman and author named Mina Khan. Mina told me how lucky she was to be able to read, […]

Still Believing in Happily Ever After

One of my favorite people is getting married again today. It’s not to the same person they were previously married to, although I have seen that done. That was one of the most memorable weddings I’ve ever witnessed. Because of the informality of the ceremony, the sister of the groom paid him back for a […]

Feeling Patriotic

Remember Betsy Ross? Celebrating our Nation’s Birthday is one of the highlights of summer in the south. On July 4, 1776, the unanimous Declaration of the thirteen united States of America, also known as The Declaration of Independence, was signed by fifty-six men hoping for freedom from the oppressive rule of England. It’s interesting […]

Learning to Pitch

In preparation for RWA Nationals, I’ve taken two classes on pitching in the last several months. The first, entitled “The Pitch is Back”, was presented to the Hoover Write Club by my Southern Magic Chapter mates CarlaSwafford, Lexi George, and Heather Leonard. The second, entitled “Mastering the Pitch”, was presented by Michael Hague through RWA. […]